Who am I??

‘Who am I??’…a question that everybody asks themselves at some point of time..so did I..actually so do I..(Ya I still ask maself that question,but helllooo wat am I to do if I keep gettin different answer)..am I the extreme kinda person??extremes of love..hate..anger..happiness..sadness..or am I the ‘I dnt feel anythin’ kinds…am I the show off […]

Life..LOve…y …

Life..LOve…y does it always havta make sense??1st u dnt knw wat ‘life’ is..does smthing called ‘life’ exists..then u get to know what life is..it starts to make sense..but why aren’t v happy with just that??..then we decide to have a purpose in life..(Which actually is never really knwn)..then v r caught up in living life […]


DREAMS…what is it about them???that drives us to make them come true…what is soo special about them that v wana see them become reality….does it make u feel powerful…coz it is what u have created and it is not the way it is…..o does it make u happy???taking u away from da reality n just imagining it that way…but der is something about them that drives u….dat makes u dissatisfied…that makes u wana do more…that makes u find ways…find windows wen all doors close…that makes u c a hint of light howeva small….dat makes u search in urself to find smthin that no1 has eva found in u…….wat is it abt dreams that makes a small man…or a person who’s nothing into smthin…..everybody dreams…..bt at sm point they ova power it by satisfyin themselves wid reality….thats wen everythin goes bad….da real dreamers r nt ony the ppl who strive to make it reality bt also the ppl who neva stop dreamin….u dnt havta make all ur dreams cme true to b happy….u jst havta dream n trust me it ll fill in u a different energy ..a strange kinda happiness that no1 can eva take away 4rm u….its ur get away….wenea u wan 1…wat is it abt dreams…that make u happy thinkin abt dem…that make u cry wen it doesn’t cme true….that makes u wonder ‘wat r these dreams abt??’