Life..LOve…y …

Life..LOve…y does it always havta make sense??1st u dnt knw wat ‘life’ is..does smthing called ‘life’ exists..then u get to know what life starts to make sense..but why aren’t v happy with just that??..then we decide to have a purpose in life..(Which actually is never really knwn)..then v r caught up in living life in a certain presumptous way, forgetting to jst LET GO and live with whatever comes our way..happiness,sadness,love,joy,hurt,dissapointment,excitement…..Life is not what u get,ur fate or what u want or how u want it , its all about how u decide to get through the things that come ur way n LIVE iT….

I have no freakin clue what am gonna do wid my life bt am sure that  i will LIVE IT LOVE IT N DEFINITLY WNT REGRET IT!!!:)


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