When I found you, lyf was a mess or say it was leading into a mess. But something clicked..something snapped in me wen you came..lik it was waiting for you to come along and finally relieved that you did come. I was lost…trying hard to win a lost fyt, ready to put maself at stake. You came along and amazingly brought  ‘me’ with you. In tym I found my senses…I found maself all over again. What is this love??is it like the movies..dancin around…is it abt gifts or who spends the mst for you…is it being lost??NO!!!!!its about finding urself…its about helping make eachother better and not stupid. You came along and lyf changed..i am ‘ME’..I am focused and I am not guilty of saying ‘I’ smtyms than ‘WE’ all the tym. You came along and happiness seem to just burst out of me, refilling everytym its in the ‘danger low level zone’. You came along and you didn’t make or take me away from my family, you got me closer to them…you didn’t try to overpower them or become more important than them, rather you became a part of them…family… You came along and brought calmness to an agitated everything..You came along and all I have is LOVE, HAPPINESS, DREAMS, PEACE and most importantly ‘ME’.


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