A Warm and fuzzy feeling called “YOU”

A sad dull day because of less sleep or the thought of the hard day ahead or feeling ‘am looking stupid today’..a dead tired time where all I wana do is just throw away all the stuff and hit the bed….or the time am really angry at the *&%$# day I have had…all I have to do is come to you…a smile just involuntarily appears on me…I always wonder how do I thank you for that….you give me that warm fuzzy feeling…that feeling you get when you have a hot cup of coffee when you dying of cold…or a plate of pakoras and jilebi during rainy days….like a soft soothing music makes u smile when u r agitated….

A smile that never leaves…a smiles that kinda like reminds you of being there….when you almost forget theres any good left in the world. You are not just a person, but a feeling…a feeling that makes you alive..a feeling that makes you smile for no reason…a feeling that brings sparkle to your eyes when remembered….how do you do it is what I wana know…its amazing how u can give me all the feelings in the world…all together at times….of anger of being cared for of irritation and of pure intense love……

People say its hard to find love…I say its hard to sustain it….falling in love is easy..staying in love is the hard part….and when it’s the right person…its never a hardwork is it??..yaaa wont say it’s a cakewalk…it has its highs and low….but its loadsa funn when you know it is this warm and fuzzy feeling that you ll always want for life JAm sure you thought of them when you read this!!!!


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