Every morning we wake up doing the same routine, following the same things to either begin the day(study or job) and go through the whole day, just like any other day. Here i am in the middle of my one such day..asking myself…or rather telling myself..LIVE!!…but isnt it supposed to be easy..arent we actually doing that…but when you really really ask yourself…you ll know its true…how many days have you really been happy..happy that the day happend or content about the day that went by??how many times have you felt all charged up at the end of a tiresome day, when you have actually done lottsa work but you dont feel any of it because you are happy…now to think of sure its just a few days that you could count or worse, you dont remember when was the last time you felt so.

Now ask yourself, why are you doing all this for??not for responsibilities…dont give that reason…you can fulfill your responsibilities and still be happy…now come on give urself sometime too…and to really think of it..the only way to lead a life..your life is to live it…because that last moment that verry time when you about to die…only your happiness and the way you lived will matter…and then you should never regret on not really doing what you liked..not really enjoying…not really living at the moment…not expressing not loving and hell no..not LIVING..

Soo lets all promise one thing to ourselves…a promise to love yourself and your loved ones…a promise to live every moment…a promise to never regret…..LIVE LOVE LAUGH….