Its better to let go…….


Friends…the thought of it brings a smile on your face…maybe that’s the first reaction we let our-self have..But have you wondered what a lifelong friendship means??am sure by now we know what a made for eachother love means, but can we get our mind around a friendship that’s lasted a lifetime?right from the start,when you just learnt the meaning of a friend…to be frank i haven’t..i haven’t had a friend who was there from the start of my life..i do have some great amazing friends….but yet i don’t know what its like to have a friend for a lifetime..a friend who seen my life mold and understood it more than i have….

Do you remember your earlier days…where having friends, making friends was all you wanted to do…where you considered friends more than anybody..more than your family…..the times when you never missed to tell them how much you love them and how much they mean to you….thinking of this, it surely reminds you of the heartaches doesn’t it??the friends who just moved on when you were right there where you guys promised to stay together…friends who hurt you to the verry core by using you, judging you and letting you down or friends who choose others over you, b’coz you weren’t around physically anymore…all the promises of togetherness and all the wonderful moments together just fading away….

The question that haunts us is y??was something wrong with you or what you did….y did your friend not want you anymore….it always leaves a scar behind and you become cautious of making friends….but the ques is should you hate them for doing that to you or to moving on..NO!!! its better to let them go…cherish the happy times..the wonderful memories…forgive them….people change over forcing them to stay might hurt you more than not having them at all…friends who wana stay will stay no matter what….But let go of them who want to move on!!!!

Friendship is earned..nurtured over the years…and in due time it gets sooo deep rooted in you that you wouldn’t know what would you have done without that friend in your life…soo don’t hold on tight to it…just let it be…you ll have many friends who come and go out of your life…but there will be friends who stay…who love and who don’t need constant keeping in touch to make them stay…these are the friends you have earned..earned for life…and no matter what, will never go away from your lyf!!!Cherish them……don’t hold on to the ones who want to move away…Its better to let go….


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