Letters to Thee #1

Letters to Juliet!

The movie ‘ Letters to Juliet’ keeps popping in my head, way quite often nowadays and i wonder why?Trying to answer my own question..i guess because the letter was answered though it was a really late one, but yet it was and it changed everybodys life. Now you may want to know whom do i want to write to or what is the answers am seeking.

I would say i want to write to ‘Thee’ that’s you wanting and seeking ‘thee’ in me. Am i generalizing the you, no am not. Its the one particular ‘Thee’. We spend half our lyf in search of something/someone and spend the rest in losing it. I wonder why?Could you tell me why?Happiness doesn’t last is what i feel! is that true? I am sure you would say you need to know ‘sad’ to know ‘happy’ but what about love? You don’t need to know hate to know love?I don’t wish to live life in regret neither not to live at all. A conflict that doesn’t settle.

Thee make me whole..thee make me me…Thou shall leave me incomplete..