The joy of happines

Happiness is something that everybody seeks in their own way. Yes happiness is not going to be always there but it can constantly be there which is in your hands. Isnt everyone working for this day in and day out? TO be happy…to make someone happy which would in turn make them happy. Choosing a way, a path that would ultimately lead to happiness. Yet we are soo afraid to accept this, to aceept its happiness that we seek. Is it because people will feel you are selfish? Won’t people come up with something or the other anyways?

Its okay to want happiness and its okay to seek it. Ultimately it’s the life of happy moments you remember the most and would be a content soul when it’s time for you to leave behind this world. Am not saying other feelings aren’t important but what am really saying is embrace happiness, embrace the tiny joys of life, may it be seeing a loved one or having your favourite chochlate, whether it’s hugging your kid or telling your husband or parents that you love them or the joy of making someone smile, embrace it and do it today.

Don’t wait for happiness to find you, rather you go ahead and find it!