I am proud of who i am – A WOMAN

download     I write this with a deep sense of agony after having seen the documentary ‘ India’s Daughter‘. It is a documentary i wish for everyone to see, to really know what happened on the fateful day-16th Dec’12. It’s been more than 2 years and yet we in it’s shadow and feel the chill run down our spine. Has justice been served??Has Jyoti, yes i call her by name for the deep sense of respect i have for her and refuse to call her just Nirbhaya, has she got the respect, the peace for having to be chosen to give such a heinous death. I wonder! Am sure there are many who still blame her, for ‘being out there during late hours of the night’ or ‘ for going out with a male friend’ or ‘for the way she dressed’. A scream that never leaves me but wrenches my inside. Tears flow out for the frustration, for the pain and for the reason- we, the women still need to fight for our freedom.

It’s been 67 years since India- The Bharath matha got independence and yet here are all the mothers, daughters, wives, sisters, friends and many more women waiting to be freed. Freedom to say what they think, to wear what they want, to be the way they like to be and not what the society expects to be. Freedom from judgements, from perceptions and this constant thought that they need to be protected. Yes times are changing and there are changes, am not denying it but there still no freedom not completely, not as they say a man or a boy would have. It’s the way each of us have been brought up, the tagged culture and tradition, the reason people like ML Sharma and AP Singh and , have the b**ls to speak what they did. Get a life, i want to tell you guys. Teach your sons and all men you know how to behave and how to be humans and not try to show their power than teaching women where her place is and what she ought to be doing. ‘You are a nobody when you cannot respect a woman!’

I salute the parents of Jyoti – Ashaji and Badriji for having the courage to speak up and for being proud of who your daughter was and how she brought out the light in each one of us. She shall remain immortal in our thoughts, in our hearts, always reminding us of the pain she had to confront. So i ask each one of you out there, how can a monster, though a juvenile be let out for doing such a heinous crime, inspite of being one of the main person in this crime, he ll be let out this Dec’2015 because he is not an adult. Really?? How did this child do such monstrous act? Nothing nothing can justify what he did and he deserves to be Hanged to death like everyone else. Who knows what he does after coming out?or is this a message we send out to all the kids out there. I feel a chill again down my spine. What kind of justice is this??it’s not even justice.

Will everyday be a struggle, struggle against so called society and it’s rules for women, struggle against your voice wanting to be heard, struggle against wanting to be yourself, a struggle for equality. Not saying all men are bad, just saying women are equal-in stature, in voice and deserve equal respect. I would as a small girl, wish to be a guy, only for the reason of freedom, freedom to roam, go out anytime of the day, to wear clothes not to cover things, to not be afraid of the lingering eyes and sometimes hands. Today i say i am proud of who i am- a woman, i am proud to be the way i am to be the proud daughter of my parents and a proud sister to my brother. I am someone who instils respect and who isn’t afraid to be and do what i wish too. I am proud i am a good friend and i ll be a mother to nurture children and their minds and i promise to myself, i shall teach my son to respect and treat a gal/woman better and as equal and i shall teach my daughter, she is no less than anyone and is as free as a bird and teach her to look after herself first before anything.

I start today. I break free and urge everyone else to do so too-men and women, from social obligations, from societal pressures, from oppression and demand respect, equality with no judgements. We are all in this together! Jyoti- justice will be served, you shall be the reason to a new light in every women and help others in ways even we may not fathom.

Watch the documentary- India’ Daughter