Finding my way back to writing…

Everyday just catches up with you doesn’t it? Day in and day out.. The same work, same things to do, like a never ending routine. There sure are moments when a smile appears
on your face out of nowhere as you hear a song that touches or watch a bird fly across the sky or as you breath in the wet smell of rain with a gentle breeze caressing your face. You close your eyes and remember.. the dreams you wait for to come true, the things you let go, the friends you miss having around and wonder as you slowly move back to reality, where is that girl or the guy I am and who is this now!
The society,  the world that pushes you to be normal because that’s the way it should be. The way you are meant to do things or take certain roads that lead to nowhere but you sure to go that way,  because hey that’s where the world is going right? Respect, responsibilities  and everything that you may not care off. There sure are times, when ‘The You’ comes out and the world seems like a beautiful place. You feel it in everything you do and the boundless joy you feel. But then lost again, confused again. What are you to do?
I would say love yourself, spend time yourself and let nobody take away your smile, because nobody can stop you from being happy unless you let them….

What about the ones you love? Well.. What about the ones you love…..