Consistent – something I always stayed far from

I am passionate about work and the things I love. Always dreaming of doing what I love to make a living. Everyone dreams of that you say? Yaa..well I agree with you but you what I and most of you all out there don’t do? Do things consistently. Well yes! I have magically figured (read known all along) the secret to happiness and success. It’s about BEING CONSISTENT!

download   Remember that fabulous home remedy you found to clear your face up like TIDE(washing powder) does to your yellow clothes making them clean. Or that super exercise regime that made you feel great in a week but didn’t give you a makeover. Or that painting you soo much wanted to try. Well you know why, none of them worked out? Of course it was a rhetorical question. I wonder what is soo hard to be consistent, when you can get it all by just being that.

Well I sit here and wonder again. I am talking soo much about it but doing nothing. I love to blog, to create content, to make taglines or write random things and yet I never continued doing it. Should I blame it on work?life? Well I blame myself. The reason why I may not be doing what I love or being happy because am not doing them consistently and not on and off.

Today, I make an attempt to take things, to restart things and to keep them consistent. The idea is not to keep super high goals and expect too much either but just to promise oneself to do more things I would enjoy. I am not sure if I would be successful in it but I do hope so, because for once I do wish to go till the end!

All of you out there, let’s do this together. I shall cheer you on as I cheer myself and lets do that one thing, that makes us happy, if not everyday atleast once a week.

What are you going to do?


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