A letter to you…

Dear Brother,

This letter may come to sound weird and you may even ask me, ‘What I need?’ (Like you did when the only time I called you ‘anna’ after getting a lecture from an uncle on why I call you by name 😉 ). Well I don’t need anything, as amma and you have given me much more than anything I would ever need. Appaji is someone who is inherently in us all the time. But today I write you this letter to say thank you, rather express as I would never tell you this in person and neither would you take me seriously if I ever did. I know you’d say, you didn’t have too and you knew but I wanted too. So here it goes.

Thanks to amma and appaji to have brought us up with such wonderful values and always been an inspiration to be better human beings than anything else. But thank you for always, silently giving me all the love, support and care. Treating me as an equal and listening (irritated or to just amuse me) to all the opinions I had about everything we spoke about, whether it was asked or not. For always making sure to show me that I had a voice, I had a say in any important decisions, that was to be made at home or in your life. It’s more than in one way, moulded me to be this confident, young woman I am today and to take the reins of my life, riding it in the direction I wish to take it in. Being proud of who I was and taking pride in telling people about me. It made me stronger of who I was and happy knowing you were proud of me. Never once throwing at me, ‘you are a girl’ logic on anything that I did or wanted to do, but always had a practical logic to throw at me.

I am proud to have a brother like you, more so I feel blessed to have you. I watch you everyday, noticing the little joys and the big worries that you go through, making me smile knowing, how much you can say to the people around you without using any words. Someimes I see you as the brother of a younger age, as I looked over to see if you were there and the innocence doesn’t seem to have diminished, the love you have for people around you, soo pure and straightforward but unspoken. Your dedication to work or your loved one is commendable, know that you have great heights to conquer and your hardwork will soon lead you to success. There sure are and will be elements and people in your life who will try to pull you back, put you down but move ahead, as you are beyond them for the sole reason that you won’t treat anyone bad no matter what they do to you. It’s a quality I adore and something that makes all of us, very protective about you. Move ahead, the treasure is right there, don’t give up and don’t give in.

You are a wonderful father, I see it as you play with the kiddo everyday or look at him. I at times, see appaji as you talk or amuse him and know appaji is as much in you as in me, always reminding us of it as we look at eachother. When I chose a partner for my life, I appreciate how you took time to know him, understand him and fully accepted him when you felt it, genuinely. This was way better than you doing it for my sake, but taking time to ensure the emotions were real. I see you and amma, work tirelessly now to give us a great wedding, I want you to know how happy it makes us feel and thankful for all the thought, hardwork you two put in.

You truly are an example for every brother out there, of how they could treat their sister equally, respect her and more so encourage her to have a voice of her own, to be herself and achieve a lot more. I do wish one other thing, that you worry less and enjoy ‘today’ and ‘now’ much more, because things will work out but the moments lost may never come back. Look after yourself too as much as you want to look after others, you need to be good to do good for others. Lastly, know that we are proud of you, of everything you have done, achieved and the dream you are working towards. We are with you.


Your obnoxious opinionated sister 😉


2 thoughts on “A letter to you…

  1. Hi Akshi. Indeed a very befitting thanx to Abhi and so aptly put too. I too hope Abhi takes care of his health and stop being good always. We all feel a lot towards you guys, after all being great neighbours for three generations does not happen to everyone. Good luck to u.


  2. Wow Akshi, speechless… You know this is one thing inour upbringing in our society which I feel is lacking… Saying thank-you person to person, for that matter any emotion. Abhi, see how much she thinks about your welfare…. which is 50/50 among siblings. I didn’t like your signing off as ‘obnoxious’ opinionated is fine not ‘obnoxious’. A big hug to all of you.


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