A brand that shows us, ‘It’s all about relationships!’

Chocolates are something that is loved and enjoyed by everyone(age no bar of course). But add the name Cadbury’s to it and nostalgia seeps in as we reminisce of our childhood. How we pestered our parents and guests(more than parents 😉 ) whenever they asked us what we liked or how we ensured to check grandpa’s pockets and gradma’s purse to find that Cadbury’s chocolate, they always ensured to buy when they came to visit. It’s as though you could close your eyes and remember the first bite.

We crave chocolates when happy and even more when sad. They have always been our comfort food. It’s also something that we love sharing with our loved ones (only the ones who we really love 😉 and sure not as kids as chocolates are much more than anyone. Right?). Remember the old Cadbury ads? The iconic ad of the girl dancing in the pitch, as she celebrates her man’s success or the one with different generations just having fun. Women have been integral part of each one of them, celebrating a success or sharing a happy moment with a loved one.

The clichés around saas-bahu relationships are growing with great influence from the tele sagas, which seem to show more drama and competition than it may exist in reality, only making you wonder if these shows take inspiration from reality or are looking to be an inspiration to the audience watching it. The recent ad of Cadbury’s breaks just this cliché, taking a fresh take on the relationship. The daughter in law and mother in law bonding over dancing and a piece of chocolate is adorable.

It’s true isn’t it, that love resides in every relationship but in different forms and only awaits to be recognised. It’s about time you moved away from the ancient perceptions of how a relationship should be with mother-in-laws. After all, she’s a mother too, with just an ‘in-law’ attached to it. Wouldn’t you agree?

If you really see, doesn’t enjoying a piece of chocolate quite similar to a moment with a loved one – a warm and a happy feeling? It’s great when brands move away from just selling a product to being much more. Who could have imagined a chocolate to stand for so much more than just being an eatable. It’s even better as Cadbury’s embraces new generations and try to do their bit to show how different relationships can be celebrated with the tiniest of things.

Does this depict the power of marketing? No, not just that but the power of branding too, when a ‘name’ doesn’t remain to be just a product but much more. In this case, not just a chocolate but a memory, a feeling.

All this chocolate talking does make one crave for a big bar of it. Would you want a piece too? 🙂


Abish Mathew – So glad to have discovered him!



AIB (All India Bakchod) shot to success in 2013, when they entered YouTube and came up with a video collaborating with Alia Bhat. This video went viral and it sure had too. Here was Alia, making fun of herself. These guys since then have given us some pretty amazing sketches and not to forget India’s first ever roast, which we totally enjoyed. More so, we were glad that the roast was sure taken in it’s true sense. (Except a few who were just meaning mental – the case, FIRs and everything else. God knows when they’ll grow up!)

Well the point is AIB introduced us to some very talented people, not to forget the power of social marketing. 😉 The ones I love the best in their team is Ashish Shakya(This guy is on sidelines most of the times but his expressions. You can not not laugh). But then Abish Mathew is the star for me. I absolutely love this guy! He’s not the ‘I make jokes about sex and curse’ (not just that 😉 ) but also on many other things you never thought were funny. It’s his acting skills, his writing skills and not to forget the cute expressions he comes up with. 😉

download  PC: YouTube, SonOfAbish

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